BEFORE: Senior Relocation Services Before the Move

    The key to a smooth transition lies in careful planning and preparation. Our specialized senior moving services team members are the experts at this.

    Before you make a move we can help you with tasks such as:

    • Establishing a timeline for the move with daily activity plans
    • Customizing floor plan layouts for your new residence
    • Deciding which belongings to take to your new home
    • Sorting through household treasures stored in the cupboards, closets and garages
    • Overseeing the move

    DURING: Support for Seniors on Moving Day

    When the big day arrives, we’ll make certain everything goes as smoothly as possible. You can go out for lunch with your family and leave the details to us.

    Our senior moving services include assistance with tasks such as:

    • Making sure the items you will need first are easily accessible
    • Boxing up last minute food items
    • Packing your wardrobe and bathroom items
    • Overseeing the movers to ensure a smooth transition
    • Unpacking and setting up your new home
    • Plugging in and setting up electronic devices and appliances

    AFTER: Once the Big Move is Complete

    Once you and all of your belongings have arrived safely at your new home, we can continue to help you by:

    • Removing boxes, trash and recycling materials
    • Organizing cupboards and closets
    • Organizing important paperwork
    • Dispersing any belongings left behind in your old house

    No detail is too big or too small for our team to handle!

    Testimonials from our Clients

    I want to say thanks as a buyer!
    I have now purchased twice from the Fab Finds online auctions and want to say that I am VERY Impressed with the management organization, online purchasing and picking up. The entire process are so controlled and pleasant. I have purchased from other online auctions and seem to always have an issue for one thing or another such as they didn’t pack up everything that was in the lot and items were left behind unknown until later or they couldn’t find my items. I am so happy that Fab Finds continues to do business from the estate sales to online actions as I much prefer the online auctions. I picked up my merchandise today and all my purchases ( 14 lots) were all together in one area, even items from the storage unit across town were there. Boy did this save me a trip to Sun City. Thank you so much for that Customer convenience! I also want to give a shout out for the idea of paying CASH on site and letting buyers save a few more bucks when we can. I hope you are able to continue offering this option. In fact, I am so impressed with how Fab Finds operate that I would be really interested in assisting as an employee if ever there is an opportunity for part time help. I have no other obligations or conflicts to provide help any day of the week. The team today at the address of  Hana Maui had mentioned that a warehouse location is in progress for online auctions. That is such a great idea for buyers to go to one location all the time. It would be even better if located on the west end of town for my vicinity convenience! Please continue to have online auctions and I promise to continue buying! Big shout Out to your team. P.S. and I must admit I love the bell Chime when we place bids online- just adds more excitement! Sincerely, Brenda Stedman (buyer Brendasue)

    Brenda Stedman (buyer Brendasue)

    Brenda Stedman

    I have worked with Brian and his crew at Smooth Transitions for several of my clients now and have been more than happy with the results.  Brian and his team took the stress off of moving my clients to their new apartments and set everything up so the residence walked into their new place all ready to live in.  They were careful with all items and took great care to inquire about my clients needs so they could have a better idea of setting up the new apartment. I highly recommend them!

    Director of Estate Services at Reliance Fiduciary, LLC.

    Christopher Leas

    Fab Finds Estate Sales

    Estate Sales and Moving Sales are Our Specialties. Also, check out our new ONLINE AUCTION, at your convenience!

    What Makes for a Successful Sale?

    At Fab Finds, we consider a sale to be successful when the following conditions occur:

    • Items are visually appealing: When it comes to a sale, how it is presented matters. We create visually appealing displays designed to attract the buyer’s eye.
    • Impeccable customer service: Interacting with guests, answering questions correctly and creating a fun, friendly atmosphere is important. Our team keeps customer service at the forefront of every sale.
    • Good negotiating skills: Negotiating with prospective buyers can make a big difference to your bottom line. Our team skillfully works with potential buyers to net the best price for your items.
    • The house is empty and tidy: We know families who are downsizing or closing a home have a lot of details to worry about. Cleaning out the house after a sale is over isn’t one of them. We leave your house empty and tidy when we are finished. Should you request it, we can also refer you to one of our cleaning service partners.
    • Sale items are priced correctly: Too high means belongings and furniture might not sell. Too low and you leave money on the table at a time when a senior likely needs it most. Our team works hard to ensure that every item is priced correctly.

    Check out our Fab Finds testimonials on YouTube!

    Senior Relocation Industry Articles

    These articles can provide you with a better understanding of the role a Senior Move Manager can play when an older adult is relocating:

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