Clearing out the bathroom cabinets for your move may result in a pile of unused, unwanted or expired prescription drugs.  To safely dispose of them, follow these federal guidelines:

  • Do not flush prescription drugs down the toilet or drain unless the label or accompanying patient information specifically instructs you to do so.  You can also visit for information on drugs that should be flushed.
  • Take advantage of community drug take-back programs or other programs, such as household hazardous waste collection events held at a central location for proper disposal of drugs that can NOT be flushed.  Contact your local city or county for more information.
  • If these options are not available, follow these five steps:
    • Take your prescription drugs out of their original containers.
    • Mix drugs with an undesirable substance such as cat litter or used coffee grounds.
    • Put the mixture into a disposable container with a lid such as an empty margarine tub or into a sealable bag.
    • Conceal or remove any personal information including Rx number on the empty containers by covering it with black permanent markers or duct tape or by scratching it off.
    • Place the sealed container with the mixture and the empty drug containers in the trash.
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