Line up early and chat with a friend,

It will really be worth it in the end.

C’mon inside to browse and buy,

Our pricing’s so fair, never too high!


We smile and welcome, assist and sell,

There’s never a need to ring the bell.

The tables are set up to the nines,

Staging perfection from us at ‘Fab Finds’.


Discover all the great treasures from afar,

Be sure and arrive with an empty car.

Diversity is the usual norm,

Books and music, even a French horn!


Newspapers, magazines and old 45’s,

Sing along and show us your jive.

From quirky and historical to kitsch and class,

You can find those special treasures at last!


Here’s a vintage fur coat, gorgeous china and lace,

And a sweet little dolly with a slightly cracked face.

Time to recycle and re-purpose, save money, have fun!

Fab Finds’ is the best of Estate Sales, we’re #1.

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