ShreddingWith identify theft increasingly impacting the general public, especially in the age 65+ population, officials are warning that there may not be a decline in the incidents if consumers themselves do not take conscientious steps to protect themselves.

“Every client we’ve ever assisted has had files filled with many years of outdated personal documents,” reports Robin Adrihan, co-founder of Smooth Transitions of the Valley.  “It’s no longer safe to rip these up and throw them away in the trash, as most seniors as used to doing.  That’s like giving identity thieves free cash.  These items must be totally destroyed, so we remind our clients to shred as much as possible in order to help our senior citizens fight this crime.”

Adrihan encourages seniors to understand and gather the items for shredding that identity thieves seek. These include: expired credit and debit cards; credit and debit card receipts; cancelled checks; pre-approved credit card offers and applications; investment account statements; wage and earnings statements; phone and utility bills; medical bills and outdated medical records; expired identification documents (i.e. driver’s licenses and passports); and insurance claim information.  DO NOT THROW THESE IN THE TRASH OR RECYCLING BIN.

For additional information on senior identity theft prevention, call the Identity Theft Resource Center at 888-400-5530 or check out:

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