Helping a senior loved one make a move to a retirement village or downsize to a smaller home can be overwhelming. Many older adults have lived in their homes for decades. During this time, they’ve likely acquired a lot of treasures that will need to find a new home. It can be an emotionally difficult process for families to go through.

Added to that is the fact that more and more families are geographically dispersed. Adult children may not live close enough to provide a senior loved one with the amount of help they need.

Unlike other moving services in the Phoenix area, our team works exclusively with older adults. Providing senior moving assistance is all we do! From figuring out where to put the sofa in the new home to conducting an estate sale after they move, Senior Move Managers make this time of transition go more smoothly.

But we understand that families aren’t always familiar with the role these professionals can play in a senior’s relocation.

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Answering Questions about Senior Move Managers

Here’s how our owners, Robin Adrihan and Brian Powledge, answer the questions they receive most often from Phoenix area seniors and their adult children.

What exactly is Senior Move Management?

Many people have the mistaken idea that Senior Move Managers are only for the wealthy. The reality is that families from all walks of life make use of our services.

In addition to calls from older adults and their adult children, we receive requests for help from trust officers at Phoenix area banks, geriatric care managers, attorneys, social workers, senior living communities, primary care physicians and their staff, realtors, and home staging professionals.

Why should families hire a Senior Move Manager?

Senior move professionals like the team at Smooth Transitions of the Valley have extensive experience assisting older adults in all aspects of relocation. We have processes and moving strategies that save seniors time, money and stress while delivering quality results.

Our client-centered, personal approach means we work hard to meet and exceed every family’s expectations. We use the senior’s needs and preferences as our guide when creating a custom moving plan.

We also understand this can be an emotionally and physically exhausting time for families. It isn’t uncommon for tensions to be high and families to disagree with one another. When dealing with family issues, we can provide an unemotional, unbiased viewpoint in how to best assist the senior in making this transition.

How much does it cost to hire a Senior Move Manager in Phoenix?

The costs associated with hiring a Senior Move Manager depend upon the amount and types of services needed. Some managers charge on an hourly basis, while others charge a flat fee project rate.

At Smooth Transitions of the Valley, we offer a complimentary in-home evaluation. This allows us to provide you with an estimate of costs based upon the services you request. A written contract is provided prior to commencing any relocation activities.

Can I do my own packing and unpacking?

We allow clients to choose which services they want our help with. Some families request our assistance with packing and unpacking, while others opt to pack items on their own.

One reminder is to take your senior loved one’s health and stamina in to consideration. If they tire easily, the amount of work downsizing and moving requires may be too much for them. It might be best to take advantage of our team’s efficiency and leave the packing and unpacking to us!

Please note that if you do choose to pack items on your own, our insurance doesn’t cover the costs of any damage that might occur.

Free Senior Relocation Consultation for Families in Phoenix

We know you probably have many more questions about the role of a Senior Move Manager and what we do to help make moving day go more smoothly.

From figuring out what to do with your furry friend during a move to how to set up the new kitchen, we’ve got you covered. The next step is to call us today at (602) 794-5455 to schedule your complimentary, no- obligation moving consultation!

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